Cuffs are an essential part of a good shirt because they determine its style and character. That’s why we offer a large range of options.

We consider that the shirt’s cuff should be just at the beginning of the wrist. It is just over the external part of the wrist bone, covering the bone at least 1 or 2cm. This way we will make sure that the cuff is not too short when bending the arm. Once the jacket on, the shirt’s cuff should be at least 4cm longer than the jacket sleeve. We think that it should be made this way.


Different cuff options

Puño nº 4

Cuff nº 4

Puño nº 5

Cuff nº 5

Puño nº 8

Cuff nº 8


Cuff nº 10

Puño nº 11

Cuff nº 11

Puño nº 50

Cuff nº 50

Puño nº 92

Cuff nº 92

Puño nº 222

Cuff nº 222

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