Textile Technology

In Repunte, we know that the best textile technology is going to lead us to get the highest exigency levels, that’s why we have implemented a Computing Integral System of Production’s Management. We think that the digital development and the information society are a winning combination; it is not just the future but the present.

This tool, developed exclusively for us, lets us take online control of all the stages of the shirt’s production, from the reception of the raw material to the shirt’s delivery to the customer.

Each one of our shirts is identify by a bar code, which makes it unique during the production process. This allows us to locate a shirt, an order or all the production of a customer, if required, which is a benefit for the customer because he can receive any information about the state of his shirts.


In Repunte S.L. apart from counting on the latest machinery, we continuously develop new textile technology to make operations quicker and more precise in our department i+D+i, giving us the possibility to attend our customers at the same time as we offer them a product of the best quality.

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