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In our opinion, fabrics are one of the main elements to make a shirt. That’s why we buy the fabrics, our raw material, to the best brands: Canclini Tesstile, Thomas Mason Bespoke, Thomas Mason David & John Anderson, Cotonificio Albini, Sidogras, Jaba Textil, Loro Piana…

A careful selection of the fabrics is fundamental to get a luxe textile production and a high quality product.

We love creating new garments with our clients. For 26 years, our goal is to turn the simple act of choosing a shirt into a real pleasure that we all should repeat more often.

Our suppliers

Cotonificio Albini | Thomas Mason | Canclini 1925 | Loro Piana | Liberty | Söktas

Cotonificio Albini

Cotonificio Albini / Fabrics

From its fundation in Bergamo in 1876 (Bergamo), Cotonificio Albini leads the creation of fabrics for shirts thanks to its creativity, investigation and innovation. Albini uses the best raw materials in the world to make its fabrics, that’s why each shirt made in Repunte is a unique piece of excellent quality and durability. The result is a brilliant shirt with a soft touch really nice to wear.

Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason / Fabrics

Created in 1796 by Sir Thomas Mason, it is one of the principal icons of the English textile industry. It started producing fabrics in Lancashire and after some time it became an icon of elegance whose headquarter was set in London. The Albini family got Thomas Mason in 1992 and this enterprise is nowadays the guardian of its rich heritage, composed by 700 volumes. This collection of inestimable worth includes the textile designs of the last 200 years.

Thomas Mason’s fabrics represent nowadays the purest English style, showing the eccentricity touch that characterizes this well-known brand in the world. The best cotton, the thinnest threads, the closest attention during the production and the investigation in style guarantee the excellence of this high-quality fabric.

Canclini 1925

Canclini 1925 / Fabrics

The History of Canclini begins more than eighty years ago in the Como area. Nowadays, thanks to their passion for work and technology, they control the whole production cycle of their fabrics, designed and produced paying the closest attention to details.

Style, product, quality and service are the necessary elements to get to satisfy the most exigent clients. This familiar enterprise is really attached to tradition but they are focused on the future at the same time, developing increasingly sophisticated high-quality fabrics.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana / fabrics

Loro Piana is synonymous with timeless elegance so they have never been interested on following the trends because Loro Piana knows their clients and they are conscious of their sensitivity to the quality and good taste. That’s the reason why their commitment to high-quality is incredible: the fibers are carefully selected and controlled. Ultimately, a shirt made of these fabrics belongs to the upper segment of the market.


liberty / Fabrics

The renowned Liberty fabrics first showed up in London in 1875, when Arthur Lasenby Liberty proposed their colorful fabrics to their clients. However, it is not until the 20th century when they got their worldwide fame thanks to their collection “Tana Lawn” in floral motifs that is yet available.

Liberty proposes a great variety of fine colored prints used by designers and couturiers. Mary Quant, Yves Saint Laurent, Bill Blas or Cacharel among others have contributed to their success.



Stablished in 1971 and quoting in stock exchange since 1995, Soktas is a producing enterprise specialized in mixed cotton fabrics. Its reputation is due to an excellent product exported around the world. Focused on the client, Soktas offers a first quality product, including more than 300.000 fabrics.


Albiate fabrics

Albiate 1830 is a brand that offers a wide selection of high-quality fabrics for sport, denim and jacquard shirts. They combine the experience with the know-how of the Albini Group. Albiate 1830 offers a fresh and creative collection.

The Albini Group was founded in 1876, being a family business that is headed by the fifth generation nowadays.
The attachment to their country is very important for the Albini family, who decided to keep the most part of their production chain in Italy.


Sidogras fabrics

Sidogras, S.A makes fabrics for shirts and blouses since 1953. They are leaders on the Spanish market but they are also present in the international one, having sales agents in 30 countries. It belongs to a group of enterprises in the textile sector. It has an integrated production system that includes spinning, weaving and finishing as well as a permanent stock of 4million of fabric meters. The results of this process make possible an effective client’s service, quality and competitive prices.

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