Shirt Collars

The collars that we have in Repunte are one of the most demanded options chosen by our clients. They will be totally at your disposal as well as the new collars that we include following the last trends.

Color, stripe, check, print… these are some of the principal characteristics that we tend to highlight when buying a new shirt. However, we don’t usually place value on the cut, the finishing and other aspects that can be even more important than the shirt’s tone.

One of the aspects that make the difference is the collar’s choice. The large range of options for the collar makes this part of the shirt something really individual, because it exists the most appropriate one for each client. The collar can highlight or degrade a look and we can get some effects or others depending on fashion and the style that we use to frame our face.

Our collars

Different options for the collar.

cuello italiano serie 1 / 01001

Italian collar

nº 01001

cuello italiano serie 1 / 01011

Italian collar

nº 01011

cuello italiano serie 1 / 01018

Italian collar

nº 01018

cuello italiano serie 1 / 01020

Italian collar

nº 01020

cuello italiano serie 1 / 01023

Italian collar

nº 01023

cuello italiano serie 1 / 01215

Italian collar

nº 01215

cuello semi-italiano 02007

Semi italian collar

nº 02007

cuello semi-italiano 02012

Semi italian collar

nº 02012

cuello semi-italiano 02013

Semi italian collar

nº 02013

cuello semi-italiano 02015

Semi italian collar

nº 02015

Cuello Inglés nº03010

English collar


Cuello Inglés nº03008

English collar


Cuello bodoque inglés

English collar / Pin collar

nº 03004

Cuello bodoque semi italiano

Semi italian collar / Pin collar

nº 02003

cuello cutway 05060


nº 05060



nº 05085

cuello cutway 05131


nº 05131

cuello americano 08001


nº 08001

Cuellos de camisa

Mao collar

nº 06004

Cuello redondo

Round collar

nº 12001

Cuello Ceremonia

Ceremony collar

nº 09055

Cuellos de camisas para ceremonia

Ceremony collar

nº 09014

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