Repunte: we are a Factory of bespoke shirts from Spain.

“We make shirts for the whole world”


Repunte is the most important Factory of bespoke shirts in Spain. We make shirts for the whole world: the most relevant tailors, fashion shops and sales chains in Spain count on us to produce their collections.


To understand who we are, it is important to introduce Repunte’s origins, going through the present and discovering where we go. We think that the best is yet to come.

Explore the fashion world and trying to write a blog about fashion for men is not an easy task nowadays. That’s why our first article is about Repunte: origin, present and future.

How are we going to do so? That’s simple: we think that the best way is interviewing its only founding member: Mr. Antonio Caballero Rodriguez, the person who brought Repunte to success thanks to his perseverance, constancy and work, being among the best factories of shirts for men in Europe.


However, we don’t want to forget the people who have been with him through this wonderful journey. We don’t want to forget these people who are here from the beginning or who has joined our team during these 28 years.

Do not miss our first article in Repunte’s Blog because it will be touching.

Repunte: the beginning

As we said before, we had the pleasure of counting on Mr. Antonio Caballero Rodriguez for our first post. We have asked him some questions so the reader could know what Repunte is, how it was born and where we go. We want to thank him for his time because we considered very important to start our Blog with the person who has make it possible during 28 years.


He doesn’t like appearing in the media but we insisted and he finally accepted.

By way of background, Repunte S,L. is a Spanish capital enterprise that is consolidated in the competitive textile sector. We are shirt makers from the cutting phase to the ironing and folding.

In Repunte S,L. we have a motto: “We make shirts for the whole world” and we make it from the pattern to the delivery at destination. We are producers and we buy the raw material from the best brands: Canclini Tesstile, Thomas Mason Bespoke, Thomas Mason David & John Anderson, Cotonificio Albini, Sidogras, Jaba Textil, Loro Piana

In Repunte, we count on the experience, the human capital, the technology and facilities necessaries to offer a high-quality product and avant-garde fashion, with what you will be able to satisfy all clients’ expectations. In Repunte we make bespoke shirt for men for the whole world.


The interview

The interview was conducted in the offices of Repunte. Relax atmosphere… we were really comfortable and the interview flowed easily. The first question should be the following one.

P: What’s Repunte?

R: Passion

P: When and how was born Repunte?

R: Repunte was accidentally born 28 years ago. At the beginning, I was just an investment partner in the society. However, due to some circumstances, the person who was supposed to lead the project had to quit so I took over Repunte.

There were just 2 options: give up or continue. Fortunately, I made the right decision.


P: How many people work in Repunte?

R: Directly 90 people and indirectly 30 more people.

P: What are the origins of Repunte and how it was its evolution?

R: At the beginning, Repunte was a workmanship producer for other national brands. We bill for minutes: around 1.500 daily shirts and 75.000 minutes.

We were making shirts for women during 10 years.

After that, due to the sector off shoring, we started to make shirts for men: around 2.000 shirts a day.

Finally, we started to make shirts for men 10 years ago, being the 90% of these shirts ready to wear.

P: What does Repunte do currently?

R. We have taken the most important step during these 3 last years, because we make 400 shirts for men a day but they are bespoke shirts, with its adding complexity.

Currently we make bespoke shirts for professional tailors around the world.



P: How many people have worked in the factory?

R: Probably more than 300 people.

P: What’s the most important element in Repunte?

R. Its personal, without any doubt.

P: How would you define the present time?

R: This is a moment of great national and international projection, a very exciting moment.

P: Is the best yet to come?

R: Of course, we have many short-term and middle-term projects that you will see how they come to fruition.

P: What are your plans for the future?

R: Repunte’s internationalization and becoming reference of the bespoke shirts in the world.

P: Do you remember someone in particular?

R: Nobody in particular, but I do remember all the people who has worked in Repunte and who have left their energy so this project could go ahead thanks to our every day’s energy and illusion.



Here it finishes the interview to M.Antonio Caballero Rodriguez. This is an honest interview that helps us to get to know Repunte. We are heading on becoming a reference of bespoke shirts producers in the world. Important designers fully rely on Repunte to make their collections.





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