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We are Aire®Style

Aire ® is born in Repunte’s factory, settled in Toledo. It is a new ready to wear shirts line conceived to help to spread the last tendencies in tailoring but without limiting them to the four standard seasons of the sector. We are manufacturers, but above all, we are creators.

We have launched a shirt brand to offer the last trends in tailoring inspired on the know-how of the best tailors cuts and finishes. We made it thanks to our experience in first quality fabrics selection and to our designers who create new tendencies.

Our collection is updated and adapted to the most cutting edge designs. Our  designs are thought to be for all kind of  customers,  personal profile, occasions…, and this is the  reason why we have created six different styles with proper  personality.

‘Black-tie’ is a clothing code which mainly refers to the male smoking. At first sight, it may seem a very simple look because we are talking about a suit. However, the ‘Black-tie’ has its formalities and a wide range of rules that need to be known to meet its requirements. However, we can find differents opinions about these requirements.

Is time to pass some spare time in the big city and Midtown Style brings the coolest touch for dressing informal. With exclusive designs and original clothing, this style combines the sobriety whith a chic and Cosmopolitan touch.

Formal and elegant, the executive style has been designed to wear with any type of suit giving a distinguished gentleman touch; it combines all type of clothing, collars and cuffs, creating the perfect shirt for today’s executive man. Its SlimFit, Regular and Transformated patterns adapt perfectly.

Oxford line includes a wide range of sport shirts with the distinct british touch. It was named after the fabric that inspires us to create this line: the exclusive Oxford fabric.

Inspired in Indian dyes and in African colours, Linen Time is a tribute to our linen designers, the perfect cloth for warm seasons.

We adapt the latest retro tendencies to our Indigo line shirts, creating them with a marked vintage style from a great quality and actual pattern.

Why Aire®Style

Because you can access to a new season collection every 15 days and you can place orders of any size through our client site where our offer is classified in design lines , textile group , patterns and sizes or times delivery (express , 48 and 72h)