The wind mills of Consuegra are located on the Calderico mount, next to the castle “la Muela”. In the old days, the miller had eight small windows along the cap of the mill to know the wind’s direction. Each one of them corresponds to one of the eight prevailing winds in the area, being the most characteristic one the wind Abrego. 

As mills can adapt to the different types of winds, Repunte adapts its production to the market needs. 


The Abrego Program is a bespoke service unique on the market, based on five pattern models available to the customers into the shop and limited to some specific fabrics and operations with very competitive prices.

This system offerst to the client the possibility to adapt to the market needs.

Su Misura: Based on five patterns/sample size shirts, available for the client in the shop and limited to some specific fabrics and operations. 

This system is suitable for clients who produce many quantities or for those who want to avoid taking measurements but prefer taking the measurements directly form the client to increase the shirt’s value. 

Ready To Wear: Based on two different patterns: sport and formal ones, limited to some specific fabrics and operations. 

Made To Mesure: Based on a system of measuring directly form the client, getting a personalized shirt and increasing the shirt’s value. Purchasing a shirt without mistakes in the taking of measurements is a great value. 

One thing to take into account concerning this program is the limited variety of fabrics, sizes, collars, cuffs and arrangements.