Now you can make or receive your orders from anywhere in the world configuring all the details of your bespoke shirt (fabric, collar, cuffs, initials…) in our 3D tool of personalized bespoke shirting. Easier than never before, discover how to make it.

Our factory is your factory

Now you or your clients can make your orders from anywhere, configuring any detail of your bespoke shirt (fabric, col, cuffs, back, pocket, embroidery, measurements…) in our 3D Bespoke Shirts Configurator. It has never been so easy and quick. Discover how to make it.

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Advantages for your business:

Management simplicity

Time is money and with our tool the management processes of your orders are much easier. There are no more production orders nor phone calls…

Better service and image

Having our online configurator you can give to your clients a state-of-the-art service completely customized.

Sales increase

The market is growing, so you will have the opportunity to serve your clients efficiently anywhere, without needing to move to your facilities so they can configure their shirts easily.

Traffic increase

Thanks to our tool you will incorporate a viral function in your web, so there will be an increase in traffic and sales.

100% tracking

You and your clients will have a total traceability of the orders from the beginning to the delivery anywhere.


Are my clients still my clients?

Your clients will always be your clients. The tool is customized with your logo, becoming an integral part of your web without any reference to our factory.

Is it necessary to have a web?

No, it is not. You can access to our tool and use it as a desktop tool in your shop or wherever you want, without losing any of its functions.

Who earn the money for the shirts?

The money is earn by you through your POS (Point of Sale) online in your web or in your shop.

Who invoices the shirts?

Your enterprise.

Who manage the deliveries?

The deliveries are managed by the factory. Our tool counts on a logistic integration and we can deliver the shirts to your final client if needed, anywhere or at your shop.

Production chain

From your online order to the shirt delivery anywhere, our production chain works efficiently and without interruptions in an integral system.

We opt for the digitalization of all our productive processes, increasing the efficacy, traceability and quality of our services.

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